Born in 1968 in Paris, Jean-Baptiste Saudray studied piano from the age of five at the Schola Cantorum where he won a number of prizes at a very young age. A few years later, on the advice of conductor and composer Laurent Petitgirard, he enrolled directly in the first professional year of Serge Petitgirard’s course while taking harmony classes at the Paris Ecole Normale de Musique. He passed several competitive examinations and left with a teaching degree. Jean-Baptiste, drawn to composing from a very early age, quickly turned to writing and recorded his first record at the age of seventeen. From then on, he would devote himself entirely to writing and producing. The recording sessions continued and with the release of a good number of records he made a name for himself. He works for international artists like Jean-Michel Jarre, Cerrone, Geri Halliwel, the Gypsy Kings, Ray Charles, Alabina, Eternal and David Guetta. He has also produced a number of jingles, theme songs and commercial music for television and radio. With his passion for film music, he has also signed soundtracks for short and feature films.